Mixed Plastic Bottles

Re-Gen recovers thousands of tonnes of plastic materials through our MDR contracts with local authorities throughout the UK and Ireland. By investing in a combination of mechanical screens and optical sorters, together with manual picking, we achieve exceptional levels of recovery and material quality of mixed plastic bottles.

Our material is processed within days of collection from the kerbside mixed dry recyclables. Our MDR process is designed to ensure the highest percentage weight and polymer content in every bale.

Plastic bottles pass through a series of screens, removing paper and other sub 30mm materials. The plastic bottles then pass a number of quality control operatives to ensure only a high grade of mixed bottles are recovered. Following sorting, a Wagner 4 shaft piercer punctures the bottles and flattens them to remove all liquids and increase the density of the bales.

Further enhancement of the bale is achieved by introducing a special hold and release regime before tying which results in a superior quality bale.

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