In-house Engineering

At Re-Gen, our efficiency is significantly boosted by the services of our in-house engineering department. Unlike most teams who just supply maintenance servicing, Re-Gen’s Engineering Team are dedicated to R&D and a process of continuous improvement.

The team benefit the business by improving processes for improved recycling performance. Their expertise helps us to fast track developments, design superior solutions and introduce new equipment faster than otherwise possible, keeping Re-Gen ahead of the market.

Industry regulations on material recycling facilities constantly keep us striving for better, so the end result is an incredibly efficient factory, high quality end products for our customers and controlled costs for everyone concerned. Our aim is to innovate, collaborate, and add value.

Our Goals

Our focus on engineering has facilitated the design and manufacture of bespoke recycling machinery, enabling us to gain a competitive edge in the market through operational efficiencies.

  1. Maximise Recovery
    Maximise the recovery of recyclable materials from the waste inputs.
  2. Quality
    Ensure that the materials recovered attain the highest possible standard for our end users.
  3. Optimise efficiency
    Strive to help our clients achieve zero landfill recycling through the improvement of current processes and the development of new technology for additional material extraction.

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