Recycling with a ‘can do’ attitude

Every household in the country will open a can of food or soup at some stage in the month and this adds up to thousands of tons of steel which can be recovered via the domestic recycling process. The volumes of material involved demonstrates why the continual drive to maximise household recycling is so important to the circular economy.

On receipt of the bulk co-mingled waste from local authorities across the UK and Ireland, Re-Gen’s mixed dry recycling process will identify and extract this steel to ensure none of this valuable resource is lost. Care is taken at each stage of the process to minimise contamination and provide the highest quality material prior to baling and shipment.

Re-Gen works with the EMR, a global force in metals recycling, who consolidate the materials they receive. Following further quality inspections they produce a high-density steel bale which will maximise the energy efficiency at the next stage of the recovery process.

Steel can be recycled almost infinitely without loss of quality through the re-smelting process, resulting in multiple applications depending on the format of steel produced.

The steel cans recovered by Re-Gen and processed by EMR will typically be reprocessed into steel coils for the production of new cans and steel packaging, demonstrating perfectly how the circular economy works.

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