Do you want 3 or 6 bins?♻️


Do you want 3 or 6 bins?♻️

The government are thinking of implementing a six bin/box system for recyclables alone across all of NI, where you will have to separate all recyclables into different small boxes (glass in one, plastic in another), causing more work for the householder and less space for your recyclables.

However, evidence shows that a simpler three-bin system has the highest recycling rate, lowest cost, lowest carbon and is easiest for the householder. Plus, it makes top-quality recyclables and saves one billion pounds.

With the three-wheelie bin system, it’s easy:

🗑️One for recyclables and glass
🗑️One for food and garden waste
🗑️One for everything else

If you prefer not to deal with six boxes, share your thoughts here to prevent this from going ahead by completing two simple steps:

1. Fill out ‘Consultation Period’
2. Fill out ‘Proposal 8’ by choosing:
a. Option A: 4
b. Option B: 3
c. Option C: 2
d. Option D: 1