Steel Cans

Re-Gen recovers thousands of tonnes of Steel cans through our MDR contracts with local authorities throughout the UK and Ireland. By investing in the latest sorting technology, we achieve exception levels of recovery.

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Re-Gen recovers steel cans from mixed dry household recycling. Our materials are processed within days of collection from the kerbside to ensure minimum contamination.

All inward and outward material is stored inside our facility, ensuring the lowest possible moisture content.

To ensure the cleanest grade of material, we separate the Steel by ‘overband’ and ‘head drum’ magnets after the paper has already been removed. The steel ‘overband’ works in a water fall direction and attracts the ferrous metals from a free-falling state. This process limits contamination and optimises the quality of the steel material mix recovered. All steel is checked again manually by pickers before baling to achieve our exceptionally high-quality standard.

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