Recycled plastic material boosts pallet efficiency

There are many reasons recycling is a positive action beyond just the obvious need to remove waste from landfill. By carefully separating the materials commonly found in every household’s co-mingled recycling bin, Re-Gen is able to play an important role in sustainable manufacturing.

Bulk plastics are efficiently recovered by Re-Gen and shipped to our recycling partners whose process converts the plastic back into a raw material, for use in the manufacture of new products.

A great example of this circular economy is demonstrated with Re-Gen’s supply of household plastic waste to one of Europe’s leading plastic reprocessing companies, Kras, based in the Netherlands. Kras are experts in the conversion of bulk plastic waste material into a valuable raw material ready for the manufacture of new products.

A typical use of the material is this lightweight pallet produced by a leading German manufacturer. The pallets are reusable and can be recycled again at the end of their serviceable life. Compared with traditional wooden pallets these pallets are more efficient in use by reducing the weight of packaging in loads and therefore reducing the energy required to ship them. The empty pallets stack tightly for return for efficient use of transport space, again saving energy.

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