Re-Gen Materials is committed to the supply of high-quality recyclable materials to the global marketplace. Focused on service, we have built a reputation as a trusted partner for recycled commodities.

Our location, with rapid access to sea and road freight, is ideal for the efficient handling and distribution of all materials to export markets. We are an experienced and dedicated team of international traders, ready to meet your material requirements.


Re-Gen offers the full range of materials recovered from kerbside collection of household mixed dry recyclables. Materials include multiple grades of:

Our regularly updated spec sheets give our customers a reliable measure on the specification of each load of material.

The company enjoys many long-term relationships with numerous international customers, demonstrating the value of a dedicated approach to quality and service.

Re-Gen Waste Management

Continuity of Supply

Re-Gen materials is the outbound division of one of the UK’s leading processors of MDR household waste. Our contracts with local authorities across the UK and Ireland ensure the continuity of supply of thousands of tonnes of materials annually.

This constant supply line to our 24/7 licensed facility, enables us to commit to long term supply agreements for recycled materials with our customers.

Re-Gen Waste Management

Consistency of Materials

Our business is 100% focused on the output of the highest possible quality of materials, free from contamination.

Re-Gen operates one of the most advanced materials recycling facilities in the UK, utilising a critical balance between automated, mechanical and manual sorting. This attention to detail delivers the consistently high levels of quality which delivers added value to our customers.

Re-Gen Waste Management

Client Testimonials

“Working with Re-Gen makes our job of supplying the end user with quality material so much easier. On my visit to their plant I was impressed by the amount of effort they put into producing a high quality output.”


“We have a great partnership with Re-Gen Waste because both our companies share the same character, dedication and vision. Re-Gen is always open and transparent in their business with the same goal as Kras, to process paper and plastics for a better circular environment.”


“It has been an absolute pleasure to have such a fantastic supplier.  We have worked with Re-Gen for the past 13 years and have experienced a consistently high standard in every aspect of their admin through to the quality of the product supplied.”

Nick Ruparelia Commercial Director Monoworld Group

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