Re-Gen Waste began its journey in 2004 as an integrated recycling and waste management company. In this short time, we have developed one of Europe’s most advanced MRF (materials recovery facility) installations.

Re-Gen Waste operates its Newry-based factory 24 hours a day to process over 1.5 million tonnes of waste. As well as the processing of Mixed Dry Recycling, the company processes Residual Waste for conversion to RDF.

Unlike most of the waste industry, Re-Gen stands apart as a dynamic family owned and managed business with a track record of success. We have achieved this growth through exceptional customer service and are driven by our ethos of competitiveness through continual improvement.


Our focus on engineering has facilitated the design and manufacture of bespoke recycling machinery, enabling us to gain a competitive edge in the market through operational efficiencies.


We invest in logistics. Our unique fleet of walking floor and curtain side vehicles delivers optimum transport efficiency. Our back loading policy ensures the transport is fully utilised as part of our commitment to the environment.

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