Why You Need To Start Recycling

Ugh, recycling! It’s just another task that takes up our valuable time at work and at home, so why bother doing it? Well, the reason to Start Recycling, if you haven’t already, is because it will have a direct positive effect on you. In fact, you can read all about the ways it can do this in the post below.

Save the planet – Save ourselves

Only hippies want to save the planet, right? The problem with this way of thinking is that it is flawed. After all, only have the Earth to live on, there is no Planet B where we can all live once we have used up all the resources and polluted the atmosphere of this one. What that means is unless we all start recycling now we are just adding to the destruction of our very own home.

In fact, there is a lot of good to be done for both planet earth and ourselves if we start recycling right away. One benefit being that by recycling, we can reduce the amount of C02 pumped into the atmosphere that causes global warming.

We can also help to keep our land and water free from pollutants, as well as preserve the animals that live there. Then there is the energy we can by reusing old items rather than creating them all again from scratch.

We can even create millions of jobs in this cleaner, healthier Earth. After all, someone needs to operate the recycling plants, don’t they? So what are you waiting for, start recycling today!

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