Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF)

Our highest-grade fuel, SRF, is the result of a detailed process which uses the latest technology to remove the contaminants and produce a low chlorine fuel with a high calorific value.

Our plant utilises a series of magnets, screens, eddy currents and windshifters to refine the fuel prior to final processing where the specification can be matched to each client’s requirements.

Understanding our customers’ needs is the fundamental driver for our SRF business. At every stage from product specification to secure packaging we are focused on achieving a ‘best in class’ customer experience, in line with Re-Gen’s vision and values.

By investing in the latest technology we are able to efficiently produce a high quality grade of fuel which is submitted to strict testing, ensuring that the material we produce complies with both the regulatory standards and the fuel user’s own specifications. Our production operates in compliance with CEN/TS 15359.

Re-Gen’s location just 11km from sea freight gives us harbour side storage and access for the most efficient logistics.

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