The Company

Re-Gen began its journey in 2004 as an integrated recycling and waste management company. In this short time, we have developed a combined MRF (materials recovery facility) and RDF/ SRF production facility.

Re-Gen offers local authorities throughout the UK and Ireland a total landfill diversion solution for their household waste. This is the source of all our HRW (Household Residual Waste) which provides the constant waste stream feeding our fuel plants. Our Newry-based plant is licenced to run 24 hours a day to process the thousands of tonnes of waste we receive via our extensive vehicle fleet’s daily collections from local authorities.

Re-Gen stands apart as a dynamic family owned and managed business with a track record of success. We achieve continual growth through exceptional customer service and are driven by our ethos of competitiveness through continual improvement. Our aim is to offer our customers the most reliable supply of RDF/SRF on the market.


Our investment in the latest processing technology, along with our own in-house engineering capabilities, has enabled us to offer the quality and consistency of RDF/SRF which the market requires.


Situated just 11km from easy access to sea freight with loads of up to 4500 tonnes, Re-Gen WTE is ideally equipped to ship fuels cost effectively to international users.

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