How to become an eco-friendly pet owner

The UK is a nation of pet lovers with over 50% of the population owning a pet, but owning a pet comes with responsibilities and we should all be doing our part to lessen the environmental impact our pet ownership has on the planet. Here are four ways to be a more eco-friendly pet owner.

  1. Recycle your pet food packaging – Most pet food packaging can be recycled so give your pet food packets and tins a rinse to remove any excess food and put them in the recycling like your other food packaging. If in doubt, check the label for recycling instructions.
  2. Avoid buying cheap plastic toys – A lot of pet toys are made from low-quality plastics which, when your pet is bored of them or has broken them, end up in a landfill. Try to give plastics a miss and opt for natural alternatives such as bones, edible toys or even those made from wood.
  3. Dispose of your pet’s poo correctly – Dog poo bags turn a biodegradable waste product into one that will take millions of years to break down. If you can, use biodegradable dog poo bags, or if disposing of waste at home then consider composting or burying your dogs waste. If you’re a cat owner then change your cat litter to eco-friendly alternatives such as wood shavings or recycled newspaper.
  4. Adopt don’t shop – If you’re thinking of getting a pet then adopt don’t shop. Thousands of pets are living in shelters across the country looking for their forever homes so consider adopting rather than purchasing an expensive puppy or kitten.