Mixed Dry Recycling (MDR)

Research has shown that Mixed Dry Recycling of co-mingled household waste is the most efficient route to reduce landfill and increase the recovery of resources from households. At Re-Gen, we follow a programme of continuous improvement to drive even greater efficiency, ensuring all recyclables are recovered.

By partnering with Re-Gen, local authorities gain full visibility of their waste stream. Our aim for MDR is 100% diversion from landfill, a target which is supported by our ability to process residual waste in our own advanced RDF plant.


Re-Gen has developed one of the most advanced MDR plants in Europe, achieving a critical balance between automated, mechanical and manual sorting.

This innovative approach enables us to make operational efficiencies. Our unique micro fines plant enables us to recover materials that other facilities fail to recycle.

This efficiency has been enhanced through continuous development by our in-house design and engineering team. By becoming more efficient, we remain commercially competitive in this market sector.


Unlike most other companies in the industry, Re-Gen’s state-of the-art MDR recycling also facilitates the inclusion of glass in the household’s recycling bin.

Remarkably, 95% of glass will be recovered and returned to bottle via our material markets. This offers a significant benefit to the householder, who can dispose of glass easily in their recycling bin.

The benefits to local authorities are multiple, as this feature eliminates the need for a separate glass solution and reduces volume to landfill.

Collection & Logistics

We maintain an unrivalled 100% reliability record on collections, supported by our fleet of 125 specialised collection vehicles, serving customers across the UK and Ireland.

Our mix of specially designed curtain side and walking floor trailers ensures we achieve maximum transport efficiency.

As part of our policy to lower our carbon footprint we ensure our vehicles are back, or front, loaded on every journey. This is generated via our own non-contract transport service.

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