Residual Waste

Residual Waste, also known as black bag waste, remains a significant challenge for all local authorities. At Re-Gen, we are investing millions of pounds to provide an alternative to landfill for this material.

We now provide an efficient solution for Residual Waste within Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Our advanced Residual Waste processing plant recovers any recyclable materials before converting the residual material into fuels which are used in the production of heat, electricity and industrial processes such as cement making.

This Residual Waste processing service not only enables local authorities to achieve regulatory targets by diverting waste from landfill, but also meets environmental objectives by providing a renewable energy source.

Servicing Local Authorities

We are investing in our capability to serve local authorities. Our processing capacity enables us to absorb hundreds of thousands of tonnes of Residual Waste annually.

We facilitate direct drops at our plant for waste collections in our region, however we service most local authorities with our 100% reliable waste collection service.

Our reputation is built on our outstanding collection reliability and by investing in our vehicle fleet we have reduced our carbon footprint.

At Re-Gen, we not only process and transport the waste efficiently, but we also work in partnership with clients to help them manage their waste streams effectively and provide detailed visibility via accurate reporting.

Setting New Standards

By partnering with Re-Gen, your organisation can be assured of the highest international standards. Our operations are ISO certified to 9001:2000 for Quality and to 14001 for Environmental Management. Through a process of continual improvement, we raise performance levels in the recycling and processing of waste for the benefit of the environment.

By collaborating with international partners, we secure sustainable markets for the resources we recover and our location facilitates efficient onward freight, supporting our position as a reliable service provider.

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