How To Recycle Unwanted Clothes & Fabrics

In the UK we throw away over 1 million tonnes of unwanted fabric every year, old clothes, duvet covers and textiles, which is a serious waste of resources when so much of it can be reused.

The good items can be sold by charity shops and enjoyed by somebody else. Everything else can be repurposed into filling for furniture, padding for car seats and even cleaning cloths.

So where can I recycle my fabrics?

  • Take them to fabric bins – there are loads of them to choose from. Many are at household recycling centres, local supermarkets and shopping centres. Make sure you check the list to see what can or can’t be put in the bins.
  • You can take them along to the charity shops on your high street and drop them off.
  • Some charities will come to your home to collect your items, just have a look online to book. You need to make sure all the clothes are clean, and in good condition. You can use a bag or a box you have at home, so you don’t need to order a special bag. Note that they cannot take pillow cases or duvets.
  • Many shops such as Primark and M&S now have clothing donation banks in store, so you can drop off any unwanted items next time you are at the shops.
  • Many clubs and organisation need help fundraising, selling unwanted fabrics can be an easy way to do it. Once you have everything collected you can arrange for a local textile company to come and pick it up, the money raised can go towards your cause.

If you are cleaning out your wardrobes at home to get ready for the cooler weather, you can ensure your unwanted items go to good use by following our tips above.